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Jonathan Hardy CPD

4th July 2015

July 4&5 Case video illustrated, groundbreaking remedy info - adventures in Materia Medica families, when Dr Jonathan Hardy FFHom returns. Molluscs, Series 4, Spiders and a surprise. info@nwch.co.uk for more information, bookings and directions. CPD costs £10/hour, £50/day and £95 for a full weekend. More about Jonathan at drjonathanhardy.co.uk

Models of Successful Practice

13th June 2015

Graduate & friends' day FREE. 3+ successful practitioners share their wisdom for high income, working with the NHS and early practice growth. Second hand books & food (both not free, sorry!) and entertainment follow. Email "grad" to info@nwch.co.uk to reserve a place, directions and more details.

Open Day

16th May 2015

12.30-3.30pm Free. Investigate a future in homoeopathy at a Free event at Moor Allerton School, 131 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester M20 2PW. We start with a presentation and end with a Q&A session. In the middle you'll meet the students, and enjoy the community of like-minded people, and begin to explore routes to health and well-being by sitting in on a lecture about the homoeopathic remedy Pulsatilla by Sue Hladky RSHom, College Clinical Director and lecturer. You get a real taste of what it is like to study with us, here in Manchester. Light food & drink are provided.
Email “May Open” to info@nwch.co.uk to book a place and receive directions.
If you can't make the May date, there is also an Open day on 5th July.

Centre of Excellence, say our inspectors

1st May 2015

The Society of Homeopaths' report on the quality of our education and training has arrived, follwoing on from their annual visit. The following are their final two paragraphs in full:

"Student experience
Taking the weekend as a whole, students appeared to have a varied experience with a good combination of stimulation, reinforcement of previous learning, and support. Home study activities seemed closely linked to the teaching and learning taking place over the weekend. The ethos of the college is such that ideas can be discussed and challenged freely during teaching sessions. There is plenty of opportunity for informal interaction within and between years.

It was good to see that the North West College recruited more students to the first year in the Autumn, and this seems to have provided a new injection of energy and enthusiasm. The core teaching team is strong and the inclusion of guest lecturers in most course weekends ensures greater stimulation and diversity. Additional CPD sessions for qualified homeopaths does a great deal to enhance the sense of the college’s importance as a centre of excellence in the north of England and the centre of the UK."

Source & Family: Plant, Fungi & Sea MM

19th April 2015

Jenni Tree on Hamamelidae & other kingdoms in our CPD suite.
We stay with the botanical world for the morning of Sunday 19 April, when Jenni explores the worlds of the Hamamelidae family (you will be familiar with urtica, oak, cannabis) and Fungi (old favourites are agaricus, bovista, secale), providing you with the routes to a broader range of confident prescriptions. In keeping with our weekend theme of finding ways of understanding the biosphere, she will also touch on the classification issues associated with Hamamelidae and the kingdom mysteries of Fungi.
On Sunday afternoon, Jenni will explore Sea Remedies, steering our attention away from the more commonly known molluscs. In the sea we have a unique illustration of the evolution of an entire sub-section of the animal world from primitive forms of Porifera (Spongia), through Cnidarians (Red Coral), Echinoderms (Acanthaster), and marine anthropods (Limulus Cyclops).
For a fine introduction, read the College’s very own Emma Cox’s article in http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/the-mini-kingdom-of-sea-remedies/.
The day finishes with an hour of – well we couldn’t get away without one tree!
Email "JT Sat" or "JT w/e" to secure your place and get directions. Cost: Individual lectures from £10. £95 for the weekend, £50/day, £30 morning or afternoon.

Prescribing Dilemmas: Potency, Dose & Medium

19th April 2015

Often considered either a mystery or just a matter of individual choice. the elements of your prescription can be clearly identified and appropriately matched to the patient in a way that still allows for judgment but isn't random. Join first George Garlick, College Principal, for an outline of the decision matrix and then Angie Zajac, College Supervision Co-ordinator, for an exposition of LM prescribing. Or make an afternoon of it with Jenni Tree's tree lecture. Email "open lectures" to book a place and get directions. Cost: £10 an hour.

Wondrous Order of Plants: the groundbreaking schema

18th April 2015

Illustrated with MM for developing age and ego by Jenni Tree in her day seminar of the work of Michal Yakir in our CPD suite.
From birth to old age, from the most primitive to the most sophisticated state of the ego, humans and their remedies parallel the evolution and promise of plants - which through their interaction with oxygen and minerals develop and progress in themselves and so move forward the biosphere.
The wondrous order starts with botanical families and systematics to develop a table for homoeopathic remedy families as useful as but not dependant on the periodic table, allowing this kingdom study the room to breathe and evolve in its own terms.
Saturday 18 April morning: Jenni’s presentation starts with outlining the schema: from birth to old age, from primitive life through the challenges and obstacles of the developing ego in female and male expressions.
Saturday afternoon: Jenni illustrates the schema with 2 hours of materia medica examples from different plant families, and finishes the day with a Q&A session.
Email "JT Sat" or "JT w/e" to secure your place and get directions. Cost: Individual lectures from £10. £95 for the weekend, £50/day, £30 morning or afternoon.

Website Work

6th April 2015

We are developing a parallel website which will be wholly under our control. It will look very like this one, except the news will be on the left!. We will be taking the opportunity to remove some lesser used and out of date pages and replace them gradually as they are updated.

Prognosis, Kalis, Tub & Bacc

22nd March 2015

Open lectures: Kali family, Tubercular Miasm + MM, Prognosis & Remedies Tuberculinum and Baccilinum.
A thorough review of the Kali remedies on Sunday 22nd with Angela Needham, 9.30am-1pm, £30.
Exploring homoeopathic and GP prognosis with Cath Donovan, Sunday 22nd afternoon 2-3pm and 4.15-5.15 £20.
To make a day of it, add "Sensation & Synergy" and save yourself £5 (£45 a day).
A tubercular afternoon with Annie Hirsch is on Saturday 21st 2-4pm (£20) or make a full afternoon of it with a chance to hone your remedy differentiation skills with Sue Hladky. Half day, £30.
Timetable attached. Email info@nwch.co.uk to book a place and for directions. CPD certificates always available.

Germanium: meditative proving to clinical evidence

21st March 2015

Janet Snowdon's remedy exposition of this carbonoid element is based on her clinical insights, and building on the remedy’s proving by Jeremy Sherr and Scholten’s group analysis of this carbonoid element. Your experience starts with a meditative proving on Saturday, to give you a real and visceral experience of the remedy, followed on Sunday by Janet illustrating the remedy through her cases.
Make an afternoon of it on Sunday with a concise review of recent developments in Sankaran’s thinking around Sensation & Synergy, and a Clinical Q&A session with Janet where you can discover anything you want to know about how she practices.
You can enjoy the Germanium lectures only on Saturday 21st at 4.15pm and Sunday at 2pm for £20, or make an afternoon of it on the Sunday for £25. A full day of Janet is £50, a full weekend £95. Timetable attached. Email info@nwch.co.uk to book a place and for directions. Simply use “Janet 21st" "Janet 22nd" or "Janet w/e" if you want a full day or weekend.
Janet is the College's Academic Adviser. For more information about her practice and teaching, go to www.bathhomeopath.co.uk.