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Prognosis, Kalis, Tub & Bacc

22nd March 2015

Open lectures: Kali family, Tubercular Miasm + MM, Prognosis & Remedies Tuberculinum and Baccilinum.
A thorough review of the Kali remedies on Sunday 22nd with Angela Needham, 9.30am-1pm, £30.
Exploring homoeopathic and GP prognosis with Cath Donovan, Sunday 22nd afternoon 2-3pm and 4.15-5.15 £20.
To make a day of it, add "Sensation & Synergy" and save yourself £5 (£45 a day).
A tubercular afternoon with Annie Hirsch is on Saturday 21st 2-4pm (£20) or make a full afternoon of it with a chance to hone your remedy differentiation skills with Sue Hladky. Half day, £30.
Timetable attached. Email to book a place and for directions. CPD certificates always available.

Germanium: meditative proving to clinical evidence

21st March 2015

Janet Snowdon's remedy exposition of this carbonoid element is based on her clinical insights, and building on the remedy’s proving by Jeremy Sherr and Scholten’s group analysis of this carbonoid element. Your experience starts with a meditative proving on Saturday, to give you a real and visceral experience of the remedy, followed on Sunday by Janet illustrating the remedy through her cases.
Make an afternoon of it on Sunday with a concise review of recent developments in Sankaran’s thinking around Sensation & Synergy, and a Clinical Q&A session with Janet where you can discover anything you want to know about how she practices.
You can enjoy the Germanium lectures only on Saturday 21st at 4.15pm and Sunday at 2pm for £20, or make an afternoon of it on the Sunday for £25. A full day of Janet is £50, a full weekend £95. Timetable attached. Email to book a place and for directions. Simply use “Janet 21st" "Janet 22nd" or "Janet w/e" if you want a full day or weekend.
Janet is the College's Academic Adviser. For more information about her practice and teaching, go to

Sensational Case Taking

21st March 2015

Janet Snowdon demonstrates practical Sankaran case taking according to his developing methodology. Addressing kingdom, family, sensation, observation and gesture, Janet will take a live respiratory and skin case. In the afternoon, you can join Janet for an exposition of her methodology and its application.
Finish up with a meditative proving of Germanium to complete a CPD day.
Any live case seen at the College counts towards your clinical hours for qualification, if you need them.
There is a further opportunity for live case hours on Sunday, when Janet supervises a student taking a live case.
A live case with Janet is £30, a full day £50, a full weekend £95. Timetable attached. Email to book a place and for directions. Simply use “Janet 21st" "Janet 22nd" or "Janet w/e" if you want a full day or weekend.
Janet is the College's Academic Adviser. For more information about her practice and teaching, go to

Website Work

16th March 2015

We are developing a parallel website which will be wholly under our control. It will look very like this one, except the news will be on the left!. We will be taking the opportunity to remove some lesser used and out of date pages and replace them gradually as they are updated.

Birds; Clinical Q&A

22nd February 2015

with Geoff Johnson. An overview of bird remedies: themes, sensations and classification in our CPD suite. Find out Geoff's tips and tactics for a successful practice. You can enjoy the bird lectures only on Sunday 22nd 9.30am-3.00 for £40, or mix it up with his Clinical Q&A: How I Practise and Ignatia presentation for a full day for £50. A full weekend of Geoff is £95. Email "birds" to to book a place and for directions. Use “Geoff 22nd” or “Geoff w/e” if you want the full day or weekend.
For more information about Geoff, homoeopath for farm, domestic and human animals, go to

Proving of Wheat; Sarcode Remedy Family

21st February 2015

Brand new CPD insights from Geoff Johnson, human, farm & domestic animal homoeopath, £50 one day, £95 two days. Geoff's insights into the themes and sensations of the sarcode family build on his provings of testosterone and progesterone that he revealed at the College in July 2014. Wheat is his most recent proving. Combine it on Saturday with a live dog case exploring observation and non-verbal sensation case taking. Email “Geoff 21st” to, for the full day (£50), single lectures are from £10.

Live case of Geoff Johnson & the Sensational Dog

21st February 2015

Feb 21/22 Geoff - - comes to College for the weekend , with his usual bag of animal/human remedies and a live case. You can enjoy the live case on Saturday 9.30 to 1.00 as both or either: a masterclass in the art of observation in case-taking; or, the application of sensation methodology to non-verbal cases. Email "dog" to to book a place and for directions: live case only £30. Any live case seen at the College counts towards your clinical hours for qualification, if you need them.


Jackie McTaggart's Periodic Table

24th January 2015

Explore new philosophy & MM insights with us 24/25 January, in these Open Lectures in our CPD Lounge.
Jackie McTaggart presents 7 hours of lectures building on her research with Scholten, case experience and lecturing on Lanathanides and mineral remedies. This year Jackie gets the opportunity to reflect on how her understanding of case taking, the simillimum and similar suffering has developed from her focus on the Periodic Table. Lecture topics are:
Saturday 9.30 to 1.00: Case experience - New and Lesser Known Remedies from Series 5 & 6
Sunday 9.30 to 11am: A Simillimum for a Story
11.30 to 1.00: Actinides; also differential diagnosis between Actinides and Lanthandies.
2.0 to 3.00: Similar Suffering and the Periodic Table.
Like a lot of pioneering homoeopaths, Jackie trained at the College.
You can make a full day of it on the Saturday by adding Annie Hirsch on the Salts and Jill Povey on Homoeopathic Prophylaxis.
Check out the schedule here and/or email
Please email the college now to book.
Half day - £30, All Jackie's sessions - £65, Full day - £50
Check the timetable below

File Download:

Prophylaxis - where do we stand?

24th January 2015

Jill Povey reviews recent research & policy. Open Lectures this weekend include a welcome return to Jill, College graduate and once our Supervision Coordinator. Jill is offering an un-dogmatic and professional review of Homoeopathic Prophylaxis on Saturday 24th at 4.15pm. One hour lecture, £10.
Other Open Lectures this weekend include George Garlick on Miasms as an analysis tool and Angela Needham on Healing into Death, and Annie Hirsch with a full introduction to Series 4 of the Periodic Table.


Ann Saunders Open Lectures

5th November 2014

We are happy to announce that on Sat. Nov 15th and Sun. 16th Ann Saunders will join the college as our guest lecturer.

Ann has a long association with The North West College of Homeopathy and always provides food for thought. On Sat we see her explore pregnancy and childbirth and useful remedies such as Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum. Advanced pathology is Ann’s specialist subject.
Sunday’s lectures bring her views on the sycotic miasm and Medorrhinum.
Join our yr 4 group with more advanced pathology and the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging which is Gerontology. It is estimated that there are 10 million people in the UK over 65 years old. The latest projections are for 5½ million more elderly people in 20 years time and the number will have nearly doubled to around 19 million by 2050.
This area is vital to understand and may of course bring you more patient’s within this age range.
Ann has a mind full of information and brings her vast knowledge and experiences to share with you in college this month so don’t miss this opportunity.
Bring a note book and take down every word.