Web resources

Here are some links to homeopathy-related websites that we have found interesting. If you want to suggest a website link, please contact us.

General Resources

  • - "Has a free remedy finder which uses a plain English translation of Kent's Repertory. I don't know if most people are familiar with this already but the students in my tutor group had not seen it before. I've used it a few times and find it very quick and easy to use, although it has limitations such as no dreams section" Holly Fraser
  • - "The best and original" Rochelle Marsden
  • - An international homeopathic internet journal edited by Jan Scholten, Lou Klein and Ulrich Welte
  • - Has sections for homeopaths, including a materia medica of sea remedies.
  • - "This is new up and coming one which I am on the board of. There is an excellent Ezine produced monthly" Rochelle Marsden
  • - Online resource for professional homeopaths.
  • - "Offers articles on principles of homeopathy; homeopathic materia medica; works of pioneers of homeopathy like Samuel Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, etc.; history of homoeopathy; materia medica quizzes; notes on homeopathic remedies etc."
  • - "Can have some really good info on it, and discussion" Becs Field
  • - "Loads of new proving info with provings available to download. Includes the likes of Peregrine Falcon and Plutonium." Sarah Miles

Websites of Homeopaths

Organisations & Conference Information

Alternative Health

  • Impact Integrated Medicine Partnership: a social enterprise which provides acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathy to patients with long term conditions, in primary care settings. The Impact website contains details of all aspects of Impact’s work, including evaluation of health outcomes, patients’ comments, brief case studies and a short DVD of patients’ experiences.
  • "Offers services to practitioners and has a good search engine, info, books, articles etc" Jane Bowdenleigh


  • Source of information on UK healthcare services. Recommended by Andy Kirk
  • The National Electronic Library for Health. "I use it a lot and find it very useful for all sorts of clobber - you can download patient info leaflets and all sorts of things" Deb Hughes
  • A website that has a collection of audible respiratory sounds. "We had a really good lecture about stethoscopes in HB & P and this website might have been useful on a handout so people could listen to what they are listening for" Katie Bowden
  • British National Formulary
  • Comprehensive, free, up-to-date health information as provided by GPs to patients during consultations
  • "Has a very informative and rounded view about vaccination" Angie Smyth

Thanks to Katie Bowden, Jane Bowdenleigh, Becs Field, Deb Hughes, Ralf Jeutter, Andy Kirk, Rochelle Marsden, Sarah Miles, Karen Roberts and Angie Smyth for their recommendations.

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